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When my eldest daughter was born I faithfully took a photo of her on every Friday of the week for her first year. I then started to build up a collage of her as each month went past. I framed it and hung it in the passage. I absolutely love that collage. Each time I walk past it I stop and remember one or other time or moment in the first year of her life. I get to relive that priceless first year over and over again.

Then when my second precious angel came along I did the same thing. I completed her collage a little while back but only managed to find the frame matching her sister’s collage today. I have just hung it on the wall. I look at the two collages and tears come to my eyes and I focus on just how precious, actually how priceless beyond measure, my two children are.

I thought I would share these two collages with you. The photos don’t need to be professionally taken. They don’t even need to be perfect. All they need to do is bring back a memory that makes your heart glad and brings tears of joy to your eyes.