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Boys are definitely just different! 
I have two daughters. Lovely, sweet, pink, gentle girls. I have two brothers but despite my younger brother being 24 years younger than I am I only see him once or twice a year as my family lives in South Africa. So I have little experience of the differentness of boys.

My only real experience is gained from my dog, Grizzly Wingnut Mutt. Yes you read correctly, Grizzly Wingnut Mutt. He got the Grizzly from my father-in-law who said he looked like a miniature grizzly bear when I found him abandoned on the side of the road. He was probably a week old, was covered in over 100 ticks, had a broken tail and weighed 500g! The Wingnut comes from his large ears that stick out of the side of his head and make him look like a wingnut especially when we take him to be shorn in summer.

So back to the point of this post. I got home yesterday afternoon and opened the gate to drive in. When I closed the gate a few moments later all my dogs were inside and excited to see me. A little while later I opened the gate again to let my house help out and it was open for a few minutes. Once I said goodbye to her I saw one of the dogs just outside the gate and I let her back in, closed the gate and then walked back towards the house when I came across THIS:

Question number one: What the heck is that? Ok I recognised it after a moment as the shin and hoof of a cow.
Question number two: Where the heck did he get THAT? It could only have been on our pavement and he found it in the 2 minutes he was outside sniffing around.
Question number three: What on earth prompted someone to feel the need to leave a COW’S LEG on my pavement???

Whenever I called Grizzly’s name he would suddenly stop chewing the leg, move slightly away from it and look at me and it as if to say, “I don’t know what that is or how it got near me! I’m innocent!’

So now why do I say boys are different? Whenever I open the gate all the dogs have to run onto the pavement and have a sniff around. So both female dogs went out with him but it was he who brought the leg inside and not the girls!

Boys will be boys!!!