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So my little baby is a baby no longer. She is now officially a little girl and has left babyhood behind her.

Right from the beginning when she started talking about her party she wanted a pink heart cake and everything had to be pink. She knew exactly who she wanted to invite, where the party was to be held and lots of other little details too.

You can read about the party planning here and all about the little dramas and brilliant service I received.

So the day started with opening presents.

Don’t you just love those socks. They are thigh highs and from her Granny.

Then once she was dressed and ready for school a quick photo shoot in the garden with her new tent. 

Baby sister also got some funky leggings with an attached skirt from Granny.

I made Nora this beautiful skirt for her birthday last year. You can read about it here. The moment she got home from school she insisted on wearing it because it is her birthday skirt. 
Now on to The Pink Heart Party…
Pink heart cake and cupcakes that were pink inside too, handbag party packs with beautiful butterfly tattoos and as well as beads to make necklaces.
The girls then went on a treasure hunt and each found something fun in the garden.
Pretty girl tattoos.
Cake, candles, presents and birthday wishes.
And so ended a wonderful day that I will always remember.

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