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I think Neelsie might be my new favourite little boy to photograph…but I have a picture of Wien next to me and it’s just so hard to decide. I think they’ll both have to be my favourite! Neelsie is just 13 months old and he is positively edible. He’s happy, easy to please and found my daughter’s hairband that I tied around my camera most fascinating. He looked straight into the camera almost every single time.

I just love this set up with the toys and the blue bunting. Little boys thoroughly enjoy it and it really helps them warm to me and my big black camera.
With Oupa and Ouma. He just adores them. Just like Wien got fixated on my lens cap and it was the theme for his session, little Neelsie fell in love with this blue ball. It was his companion until he discovered…
 …my little riempie chair just the right size for a one year old. He was not going to get off that chair for anything!
 Blowing bubbles and bubbles and more bubbles!!
Can’t you just eat that face up? And look at those blue eyes. I normally brighten eyes up a little to make them pop but this little man’s eyes are so amazing that I didn’t need to do anything!
This is his own personal Oliver the Owl hat his mom ordered for him to wear for the session and take home. He looks so cute.
 With Mama en Papa.
Aren’t baby feet so squishy and soft and you just can’t help but touch them and kiss them?
 Oh my goodness what are they doing to me? Will somebody please rescue me?
I thoroughly enjoyed this session. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of photographing your lovely family. 
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