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Wien, who I photographed a few months ago, has turned ONE! He came in for his fist birthday photographs and a Cake Smash session and we had some good laughs… 

I must say this is one of my favourite little boys to photograph. He often looks straight into the camera and smiles or laughs. He interacts with me, climbs all over me and is just fun to be around!
This little man fixes his attention one thing and try as hard as you might there is just no getting him to focus on anything else. Last time I photographed him he was so attached to his little blue stuffed toy. This time…. he found my lens cap to be immensely fascinating. Not a single tactic we tried could pry it out of his hands and it became the central theme for most of his session. 
Oh, I could just eat him up!!

Time for the cake. He was just so excited…
until he touched the cake and then he was thoroughly disgusted with this stuff on his hands! It took some very serious persuasion to get him to consider trying some and playing with it so we could get some fun photos.
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