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“Mom…I’m bored!” 
How many times do we as parents hear that? So I put together a few fun things to do with your kids this weekend and best of all they are pretty much free!

1.  Swing as high as you can and see-saw your heart out.
Windhoek actually has some pretty cool play parks. They may not have green grass but the equipment is, for the most part, in good condition and well oiled. We paid a visit to the park in Pionierspark Ext 1 and I had as much fun as my kids did. The swings are wide enough for mom and dad sized posteriors, the see-saws are high and the merry-go-rounds awesome.

2.  Make a Fire
This one is perfect for boys. Dads teach your boys how to safely make a fire and then toast some marshmallows and boerewors on a stick. Boys love fires and throwing things into them to watch how they burn. There is something mezerising about a fire.

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3.  Beauty Make-over {by your daughter}
Clear out your make-up box of all the old and grundgey make-up you never use and put it into a little bag for your daughter. Then let her have her way with you and give you a make-over you will never forget. You can even let her do your hair.
There is just something so special about sitting on the floor and letting your little girl do your make-up. The concentration on her face and the pleasure she gets from it is worth the smeared lipstick and frightening eye shadow.

I wish you all a wonderful, fun-filled weekend!

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