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I really enjoy the Cocklin Family. I get to see little Isla every four months for her Watch Me Grow series and now I got to meet the whole family all the way from the grandparents down to the newest member of the family who was only a few weeks old at the time.

We had to work in relays because my little studio was seriously overcrowded with everyone squeezed into it but we had fun and got some really cutie pie photographs.

As a professional photographer sometimes one tends to think that all our photographs are perfect but the truth is they are not. Sometimes it is not really our ‘fault’ and other times we do take terrible photographs. This one is one my favourite imperfect photographs. I smile every single time I see it.
The three moms look lovely, all smiles and composed but look closely at the girls. The little newborn was howling, the three year old had found one of my daughters very noisy toys and was no longer interested in photographs and the almost one year old was more interested in what her cousin was up to.
All in all a perfectly imperfect photograph worth keeping!

Thank you for entrusting me Cocklin Family to capture your family.

Have a great week!

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