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Every session is unique in its own way but some families just stand out. The Bacalhau Family is one such family for me. Izabelle was the epitome of the glowing pregnant lady. She was positively radiant and she didn’t even realise it. She carried with such grace and poise and was so easy to photograph.







A few weeks later her little man arrived such much excitement. She woke around 2am with contractions and by 3:15am was in her room at the hospital with her son her in her arms. If only we could all deliver with such ease!







And of course the whole point of having professional photographs taken is to hang them on your walls where you can enjoy them every single day. Professional photography is a luxury so why spend all that money just to have a disc or USB lying in a drawer somewhere and never looked at?


You can choose from stretched canvas, print on wood, a mounted photograph or a box frame. And I have some new products in development that I hope to be releasing soon.
I hope you have a great week!